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polysophism's Journal

The Cross-Disciplinary Discussion Forum
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The Cross-Disciplinary Discussion Forum
Plain and simple, this is a community for anyone who wishes to engage in intelligent discussion on virtually any topic of scientific or artistic interest. It isn't meant to be the "safe" discussion you'd expect from your peers in a specific field of work though. You could get comments from virtually anyone. It's scary and cool at the same time, isn't it?

1. Stay on topic. Given the range of topics this community is intended to cover, it should not be remotely difficult to post things that are on-topic. This is not such a hard rule for replies, but try to be aware of whether or not you should move your discussion elsewhere.

2. Don't spam. Things like humor are definitely allowed, unless you do something like post every issue of your favorite comic. If you spam something, we may have to make a rule against it. And we don't want to do that. You don't want us to either.

3. Be sure it's a new topic. If you feel like posting something, check first to see if it's been posted before. I recommend going back 6 months. If it's older than that, let's assume it's worth bringing up again if there's something new to add. If you go back and discover an even older post that's related, please link it in your new post for everyone's benefit.

4. Use appropriate tags. This makes it easier for people to find it when they're trying to figure out if it's been posted already.

5. No unwelcome community promotion. Do not make posts to other communities specifically for the purpose of promoting this one unless that community exists specifically for the purpose of promoting other communities. In turn, do not post here for the purpose of promoting other communities. Of course, if you want to cross-post and state that you're doing so, that's fine. Just be sure what you're posting is on-topic in both communities.

6. Be mindful of sensitive issues. For instance, those that might cause others to speak from entrenched points of view. For instance, even though a discussion on stem cell research could be a good thing, a discussion about whether or not stem cells should be harvested from aborted fetuses probably doesn't belong here.

7. Don't be a troll. Any trolls captured here will replace lab rats being used in mad science experiments. We really need a few more for the "dungeon cell" + "immortality drugs" + "no entertainment except bad slash fic" experiment.

* Topics that form a link between two fields that aren't usually studied together are probably good topics and are recommended.

* Topics in your field that may be linked to another field that is not usually studied with yours are probably good topics too and are also recommended.

* Topics outside of your field that you are interested in are also recommended.